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Republic News Service

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Welcome to the holosite of the Republic News Service

Republic News Service is the New Republicís Information faction, excelling in creating high quality satellites and presenting the news throughout the galaxy.
However, that was not enough for this Republic giant. Nowadays, under the management of Wolfgang Nospe, Republic News Service strives not only in spreading the truth, but also in developing the New Republic and fighting its enemies all over the universe.
As an Information Faction for the New Republic, it is our mandate to present the news in a factual and relevant manner, and we also work on many special operations for the New Republic, bringing civilization and democracy to remote worlds and producing ships to help in our fight, ranging from the small but fast A-Wing to the mighty titan MC80 Home One Class Star Cruiser.
Enemies of the Republic, watch out. The Republic News Service is working day and night to bring down the tyranny and darkness in the Galaxy.
Faction Type: Service, Information

Founded On: Year 7 Day 201

Leader: Lahasa Fy

Second: -

Official IRC Channel: #cmg-new-republic

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