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Ubrikkian Industries

Ubrikkian Industries prides itself on providing quality civilian and military grade vehicles at affordable prices to sentients around the galaxy. It is currently owned and protected by the New Republic.

Ubrikkian Industries was formed from the ashes of another vehicle manufacturing group known as Omega Order Vehicles. When OOV was dissolved for unknown reasons, it seemed that their quality designs would be lost and all of their facilities would remain closed forever. Fortunately, the Rebel Alliance was able to procure all of the company’s assets, and after a time, resurrected it under a new name.

Now, based out of the Koobi system, Ubrikkian Industries builds a wide variety of vehicles ranging from the fastest speeders available to the public (both Cloud Car lines) to the largest ground vehicle in the galaxy (the enormous Sandcrawler). Tasked with providing the New Republic with its vehicle reserves and also producing stock to sell commercially, the members of Ubrikkian Industries are constantly busy expanding their operations and keeping their production lines running.

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