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Harton Mash

About Us


Incom Corporation is one of the largest shipbuilding companies in the galaxy. The company supports commercial interests as well as New Republic and allied government customers. Incom has a long tradition of interstellar leadership and innovation. Incomís services and products include commercial and military intergalactic ships, satellites, and space stations.
Headquartered on Ord Ibanna, Incom employs more than 15,000 sentient beings across New Republic territory and beyond. Incom Corporation is home to sentient beings from diverse backgrounds and experiences. Many employees have advanced degrees from prestigious universities throughout the galaxy. Incom utilizes the talents of its highly skilled workforce to produce some of the finest products in the galaxy. Its innovative scientists and engineers continue to refine existing designs and develop emerging technologies.
Incom is organized into two business units: Incom Commercial and Incom Military & Defense.

Incom Business Unit Divisions

Incom Commercial

Incom Commercial, a business unit of the Incom Corporation, is committed to be the galaxy-wide leader of commercial interstellar travel. Incom achieves its commitment by offering spacecraft with superior design, safety, and efficiency. Incomís rich history of innovation and outstanding design defines the interstellar manufacturing standard. Incomís history includes the YG-4210 freighter design, which is still a strong seller for many smaller commercial transport companies. Today, Incom offers customers with an advanced line of products with superior design and expert quality. Incomís leaders and employees are not satisfied with status quo and continue to develop new technologies to the civilian market. Incomís commercial line includes the tried and true BFF-1 Bulk Freighter design, which boasts a massive 100,000-ton / 135,000-m3 capacity with a certified hyperspeed rating of four.

Incom Military & Defense

Incom Military & Defense (IMD) combines technology and large-scale integration to meet the needs of the New Republic and her allies. IMD is devoted to continual development of emerging technologies to offer military customers with the best superiority craft galaxy-wide at the right time and at the right cost. IMD offers capability based solutions to meet ever-changing environments and battle conditions. IMD offers its military customers with fighter, strike, and reconnaissance craft. Crew safety is of utmost importance to IMD. This business unit supplies, produces, and outfits crew escape craft for the full line of Incom products.

Incom Corporation - The galaxy's leader in fine shipbuilding

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