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New Republic Middle Service


  • The New Republic middle program will only reimburse people stolen from while a sanctioned New Republic Middle is middling. Personal trades will not be insured.
  • The New Republic will only reimburse people who send their assets to a corrupt middle up until 15 minutes after a corrupt Middle is removed from this Wiki. The history page will provide accurate timestamps for all to see.
  • The New Republic will notify the trading community of corrupt middles via the traders lounge forum. If anyone wishes to obtain reimbursement they must send all evidence to the Minister of Trade and Industry, Director of New Republic Intelligence or Chief of State within 72 hours. Evidence can be presented before the announcement is made on the forum.
  • The New Republic won't be responsible for any goods traded without access due to planetary shields or security doors, unless it is proven that the middle failed to disclose that the docked or shielded status of the goods was not the same as the status understood by both parties prior to the trade.
  • How to middle

Middle Levels

  • Level 1 middles are backed by the New Republic up to 25 million credit trades.
  • Level 2 middles are backed by the New Republic up to 75 million credit trades.
  • Level 3 middles are backed by the New Republic up to 250 million credit trades.
  • Level 4 middles are backed by the New Republic up to 2 Billion credit trades.

What this means is that, should a listed middle run off with your merchandise or credits, the New Republic is willing to reimburse up to the given sums and the middle would be charged with theft, in accordance with New Republic Law.





To apply, please contact the Minister of Trade and Industry

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