Welcome to the Kerdos Company Holosite!

Kerdos Company is among the premier recycling corporations in the galaxy, constantly striving to provide excellent service for all of its customers, especially in these perilous times. Kerdos Company is a leader in the waste management community due to our commitment to environmentally sound recycling techniques. Kerdos employees are certified in the latest salvaging techniques, setting themselves apart from the rest of the galaxy’s rank and file employee.

Be it the wreck of your speeder after the crash in your last race, your old starship that is too slow to compete with current models, an ugly space station clogging the sky of your holiday planet, or paving way for more competitive facilities – Kerdos Company can fill all of your recycling needs.

Kerdos Company also makes small production runs of high quality, low cost combination fighter spacecraft from time to time, which can provide a local emerging government the means to protect its citizenry.

At Kerdos, we can fill all of your waste management and recycling needs. As Kerdos Company is a nationalised faction of the New Republic; its services are only available to the NR, allies, and neutral groups. Please feel free to look over our holo-site for further information.