New Republic Official Seal

We, the Beings of the Galaxy, in order to form a free union of planets, establish justice, provide for common peace and prosperity and to secure liberty for all beings, do ordain and establish this New Republic.

Let the stars sing! Let the planets shout! Let the Republic begin!

A Big Family

The New Republic is one of the largest governments in the galaxy, extending from North to South, from East to West. Many planets under its sphere of influence are home worlds to minor and even major races. Everyone is accepted without regard to race, colour, religion, age, or any other peculiar status. We firmly believe that differences make us stronger, sharing ideas is always good, and where one is lacking in an ability others can help and give their support.

Full of Ideas

Respecting another sentient’s ideas is not easy, above all when those ideas are totally opposite to yours. However, the New Republic’s legacy comes from exceptional people who wanted to carry out free personal initiative, and who managed to stand out against a way of life which crushed the freedom of thought.

We are not immune to problems, of course, but we consider them as an opportunity to grow better and better. Some people say that this characteristic is also our weakest point: We spend a lot of time discussing any single aspect of life. That’s undoubtedly true, but it also certainly deepens the degree of relationships among us. And when the times come to be united for a common goal, it is as well true that we know how to cooperate, since it is much better to share an experience with someone you have known before.

Self-Sufficient, But Not Isolated

The New Republic is made up of nationalised and private corporations that cover every single aspect of work. All being very active, the NR economy is thrilling, with lots of exchanges among its citizens. This also makes life easier for our citizens to get what they want: everything is provided for within the NR borders.

Nonetheless, the New Republic does not intend to be isolated from the rest of the galaxy. On the contrary, it is always available to any forms of cooperation, provided that the partnership is not based on principles such as prevarication and arrogance.

For these reasons, the New Republic has been one of the founders of the Galactic Alliance, and it is still looking forward to working together with other individuals and corporations, in harmony.

Working For A Common Wealth

If we wanted to depict the common character of the NR citizens, we could say that they are sentient beings who come from many different walks of life, with different backgrounds, and who are willing to learn a lot and do a lot, both for themselves and for the others. Anyone wants to be respected and is ready to respect others. Even if each one has its own ideas and objectives, all are ready to join in a common effort to carry out what is best for the majority. Sometimes, this majority does not even belong to the NR, but it is done for the sake of the galaxy’s concord.

Furthermore, the New Republic does not want to mimic a second Empire: here, the different images of the world must not be necessarily led to a political unity. What is important is, however, that a dialogue between cultures and civilisations is possible, and the only important unity to reach lies in a common base of shared general values and morals.

Working all together not only for private achievements but also for a widespread and conscious welfare is therefore the ultimate goal of the New Republic.

New Republic Recruitment Department
The New Republic Recruitment Department welcomes all new members of the NR.

New recruits, cadets, or veterans who are seeking new jobs have the opportunity to talk to the Recruitment staff to make up their minds, ask for advice and choose their future careers.

If you would like a little more information to help you decide if the New Republic is the place for you then please take a look at our brochure

Greetings. Welcome to the Star Wars Combine

This page is designed to give the new (or veteran!) member of the Combine some information on the New Republic to allow you to make an informed decision when choosing a new faction.

Our military boasts some of the most elite pilots and ships available in the universe including A wings, B wings, Mon Calamari Cruisers and most famous of all, the fabled X wing.

We grew out the famous Rebel Alliance so our history is filled with rebel heroes and now Republican heroes - you could be one of them.

If the military is not for you, we also have a vibrant civil sector with a wide range of jobs on offer! Perhaps you could be the person producing the X wings for the military, or mining the raw materials needed to allow the New Republic to grow.

The possibilities are endless; if you're looking for a job - we've got it. Check out our Nationalised factions and Affiliated factions for more information.

Recruitment Banner

We seek to carry on the work of the group we grew out of; the Rebel Alliance. We provide a great choice of jobs, excellent pay rates and a warm, lively community. The New Republic will not only provide a job, ship and transportation but will also provide a great education through the New Republic Academy - there are many courses on offer. We have jobs and openings in virtually every field you can think of - both military and civilian.

We treat people of all races equally, and embrace them as one of our own, so discrimination is non-existent. We are a friendly and vibrant community, and in due time, if you show commitment and activity, you will be recognised for your achievements in the form of bonuses, promotions, and awards.

Extra Benefits:

  • Citizenship in the galaxy's first and only fully democratic government
  • The right to vote and perhaps even run in Chief of State and Senate elections
  • Excellent salaries with opportunities for promotion and advancement
  • As a citizen of the New Republic, you will receive discounts on all purchases you make from New Republic producers
  • Equality and Freedom of Speech
  • A vibrant, fun community

For a quick look at what the needs are for the different factions, check out the New Republic Recruitment Classifieds

We'd be happy to help you out with any questions you may have and choosing a career that suits your interests! We look forward to welcoming you into the New Republic

Please don't hesitate to contact the Academy Administrator if you have any questions

New Republic Diplomacy Command Seal The New Republic Diplomacy Command, commonly abbreviated RDC, is the New Republic's elite group of diplomats tasked with foreign affairs and public representation.

If you are a non NR-member seeking Diplomatic services, such as NAPs, PSAs, Talks, Mediation etc, and you wish to contact RDC, please utilise one if not more, of the following methods:

If you work for a faction, speak with your group's assigned diplomat.

If you do not know who your group's diplomat is, you do not have one assigned or you are not contacting the NR on behalf of your group please speak with Executive Ambassador Andrew Harris.

Finally, if the Executive Ambassador is unavailable, you may DM the High Ambassador.

Register on the New Republic Communication Centre forums and request an embassy for your faction to be created. If your faction already has an embassy here, please have your ranking representative contact the High Ambassador for access once you have registered.

RDC has an official IRC presence at Channel: #cmg-nr-diplomacy. Please enquire with an Op or Half Op, they will gladly take any messages you wish to pass on and enquire with NR staff on your behalf.

New Republic/Combine cobrand logo

New Republic Army Seal
Army Command

New Republic Navy Seal
Navy Command

New Republic Starfighter Command Seal
Starfighter Command

Civilian Sector
Republic Medical Logo
Republic Medical

X Republic Medical Banner

Most sentients talk of hope. We bring hope.

We bring hope across the galaxy to any being whose survival is threatened by armed conflict, violence, tyranny or catastrophe. We enhance the vitality and well-being of all who desire a better life, regardless of race or religion.

With our roots traced to Year 0, we are the oldest and most experienced galactic medical organisation in existence. RepMed as it is known today was born of a merger between the Liberty Medical Centre (in close association with the Rebel Alliance's MedCorps) and Riviera Medical in Year 8. The historical successes of both groups provided a solid foundation for an intellectually, clinically and technologically integrated network of expertise to help meet the New Republic and the Galactic Alliance's healthcare needs. We are xenobiomedical and cybernetics specialists, drawing upon the greatest minds in medical community: Kaminoan, Thyferran, Selkath, Ithorian, Polis Massan, Vratrix, and others.

Services we provide include medical care and support, construction and management of hospitals, and search and rescue operations. We carry the technology to produce the entire range of galactically-available medical items, droids, and ships. Innovative production and supply chain management have enabled us to offer the most competitive pricing present on the market.

Our Medical Academy has a reputation for training medical professionals, including medics and Doctors of Medicine, to the highest standards; many members of the New Republic and the Galactic Alliance have earned their accreditation through us.

Our Operations Department run the famed Republic Medical Surgical Units (RMSUs), fleets of fully-equipped Mobile Hospitals and Medlifters crewed by trained personnel to respond to any incident wherever it occurs.

Our other equally-important Departments are staffed by and are always in need of sales and production managers, architects and engineers, prospectors, researchers, pilots.

No matter your skills or interests, we'll have a place for you and welcome you to be a part of something worthwhile and meaningful. For career opportunities and sales enquiries, our holosite ( offers more information.

RepMed - We're here for life.

Classifieds & Poster

JMC Logo
JUGANOTH Mining Corporation

X JMC Banner

At JUGANOTH Mining Corporation (JMC) we mine all materials needed to help the New Republic thrive! From building materials for housing projects to fuel for our space ships that defend our citizens, we mine it all.

We are looking for individuals who are interested in any or all of the following areas: Freighter Piloting, Mine Operations, Prospecting, and Facility Construction.

At JMC we give individuals an opportunity to try new things and see where their passions lie.

MST Logo
Merr-Sonn Technologies

X Merr-Sonn Banner

Merr-Sonn Technologies is the weapon supplier of the New Republic and the largest armaments conglomerat in the known galaxy.

Domiciled in two sectors on over a dozen worlds we offer the widest range of weaponry and equipment in the galaxy to anyone: public customers, mercenaries and military forces.

Live your dream, travel through the galaxy, build cities and produce the big guns. Join our ranks now and benefit from various services, offers and a great staff.

CTS Logo
Corellian Transport Services

X CTS Banner

We do the impossible now - miracles may take a bit longer.

Out of the ashes of a long dead past rises the latest incarnation of transportation. Ahead of its time, Corellian Transport Services promises to be the best transportation company in the galaxy. Its competent leadership, dedicated personnel, and exquisitely presented ships and vehicles make this transportation company something to be reckoned with.

Corellian Transport Services is the New Republic's only logistics company. We help all people who have been hurt in any way by the Empire through the fast and safe delivery of ships, droids, materials and people. We will not hesitate to go under fire, run a blockade or engage in a fight in order to rescue an individual in need. For freedom and for the New Republic!

CTS is made up of four departments.

  • Personnel is responsible for the fast and safe transport of people; whether common workers, new recruits, refugees, etc.
  • Vessels is responsible for moving ships, vehicles, boats and other vessels.
  • Delivery is responsible for moving raw materials, droids and items.
  • Engineering does the building side of CTS on our self-governed system of Tyrius in the Savareen Sector.

If you enjoy flying, working in a tight-nit family, and having fun, then CTS would like to hear from you!

Please visit the CTS section of the NR Holosite or our website for more information.

JMC Logo
Incom Corporation

X Incom Banner

Incom Corporation proudly expresses its mission of supporting and supplying the New Republic, her friends and citizens with a variety of advanced ships.

Our goals include but are not limited to:
  • keeping military restricted technology production running
  • securing and developing our systems in order to increase production and mining capacities
  • keeping public sales and financial income at considerable levels in order to self sustain

Apart from obvious production, construction and sales, this includes R&D, keeping our pilots happy and management as simple and productive as possible.

CTS Logo
Kerdos Company

X Kerdos Banner

Kerdos Company is the New Republic's sole recycling outfit and can recycle anything, anytime with our Mouse Munchers and Wreckers.

Kerdos has employment opportunities in the following areas.

  • If you like to get your hands dirty we mine our own raw materials.
  • We build facilities and manufacture products including 'Ugly' fighter ships.
  • We cover all aspects of many different jobs including Recycling, Building, Prospecting, and Mining.

We have excellent incentives and bonuses for our employees.

Kerdos is also governor of Sluis.

We are by far the best recycling company in the galaxy

Come and join our happy family, you will fit in anywhere.
Our goal is to keep everyone happy in whatever they choose to do.

Please visit our website for more information.

IA Logo
Industrial Automaton

X Industrial Automaton Banner

Industrial Automaton (IA for short) is a droid production company under the ownership of the New Republic

We have many job openings and opportunities for you to learn all aspects of droid production. There are also many bonuses and incentives for employees that wish to improve themselves.

Roles that you can try include:

  • droid production
  • mining, for those that like to get dirty
  • building facilities and
  • prospecting for materials

For further details you can contact Kristina Roberts via email

Visit us on IRC at #cmg-ia or

Please visit our website for more information.